Friday, April 06, 2012

Air Jordans Olympic 6 & 7s

We talked about the dream team collection and now we focus in on the Olympic 6 and 7s dropping in July. They’re set to make a comeback in honor of the summer Olympics as well. The 6s are set to drop July 7th and the 7s are set to drop July 21st. Both the Olympic 6s and 7s will feature their classic OG color ways and both will retail at $160 each. A pretty penny to get your hands on this great collection. Now let’s not forget about the Special Olympic pack around the corner from these two classics. In August there will be a Olympic pack released for the 6s and 7s. The 7s will have a black and gold color way while the 6s will have a white and gold color way. These will retail at $350 with a release date of August 18th. Even though all the release dates are so close to each other; you can be sure that they will still sell out.


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