Friday, May 11, 2012

No more midnight releases!!

All major retailers have followed Nike's lead in stopping midnight releases via online and telephone. New releases will now be available at 8 am eastern time. Now this major change came due to the madness that's happened recently over sneakers but is this the solution? As a sneaker advocate myself, I don't see how this brings any type of solution what so ever. People are not getting hurt over the phone or online for sneakers and in my opinion this brings an unfair chance to sneakerheads not on the east coast. 8 am is already early but for people on the west coast for example, will have to be up by 5 am!! How is this fair?!! This policy is in its starting stages but it already needs a change to make it fair for everyone. I understand making the move to get a grasp on the madness but the changes that need to be done are at the actual store releases. A champs in the Arden mall in Sacramento came up with a raffle off. You go in get a ticket and put your information on it, then if your a lucky winner you'll receive a call to go in and buy your pair. That's a step in the right direction to get rid of the hectic releases and seems to be somewhat fair because it gives everyone the same amount off odds of getting a pair but it still has potential of another set of issues like employees compromising the raffle or a hard time of keeping track who has entered and how many times they've been entered in. My suggestion for a solution is online and over the phone releases only especially on hot releases like tomorrow. Now I know some are thinking I'm crazy and probably will say then what's the point of having the stores then? I'm not saying every release should be this way, just the really popular kicks that are madly talked about everywhere and limited releases. They cause the most havoc and lead to people being hurt because everyone wants them so bad. Think about my solution, not only does it keep everyone safe and out of danger, it also reduces cost for malls and stores. No need for additional security, police and potential overtime for employees. Plus it reduces any chances of damages or lawsuits caused by these releases. Its a win win solution for everyone. We would also like to hear your thoughts, concerns or suggestions!! Thank you and stay tuned to followthekicks!!


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