Friday, October 26, 2012

Sizes for Jordan Bred 4's left for sale

Here's a breakdown of what we have left on our site for purchase in the Jordan Bred 4's. If you would like to trade for one, you must be local with something of equal value and in DS condition. We're also open to adding things to our store. CHECK OUT to PURCHASE. Size 8 QTY-1 Size 8.5 QTY-1 Size 9 QTY-5 Size 9.5 QTY-3 Size 10- SOLD OUT Size 10.5- SOLD OUT Size 11 QTY-1 Size 11.5 QTY-3 Size 12 QTY-4 Size 12.5 - SOLD OUT Size 13 -SOLD OUT Size 13.5- SOLD OUT Size 14- SOLD OUT


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