Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Sonya 1/2 of Hip Hop Duo OZ

A couple months ago we introduced you to our first Artist Spotlight hip hop duo/ sneaker enthusiasts OZ (Sonya & Alex). Along with working on their collective project, the duo has also been working on solo projects. Sonya's debut solo project "Vertical Paradox" is set to release sometime next month, but she's kept fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation. The two songs, "Detached" and "Kick My Game" give listeners two different aspects of the same artists. "Detached", produced by the AmazNs & Matt Cody, shows a softer, intimate and vulnerable side while showcases her vocal skills; "Kick My Game" on the other hand, reveals a more street, gritty, lyrical side of her.
The artist refers to "Detached" as a showcase of, "the darker side of loneliness and the need to fill a void while dealing with her lows" and "Kick My Game" as an interlude where she melodically raps to a man doing just as the song title says, kicking game to him. You can check out the two songs on soundcloud now, and be sure to check her out on instagram, Twitter, and her FB music page at Sonya Teclai.