Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FollowTheKicks Best Offer Program

We will be introducing a Best Offer Program. See the details below: Best offer Program There will be a Buy it Now(BIN) with a standard default price on the site. The point of this program is to present our customers an opportunity to create their own discount on a product. Please note that all offers must be reasonable and just because an offer is presented does not guarantee it will be accepted.
1. Only eligible products will be considered for best offers. We will announce when a product becomes available for the best offer program via social media, so be sure to follow us on any social media site such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.
2. If the offer is accepted we will provide a one time discount code for you to make the purchase.
3. The code will only work on that product.
4. Once the offer is accepted and the code is sent you will need to complete the transaction right away to secure the product. We will allow 15 minutes to go by before considering the next offer.
5. If the 15 minutes runs out then we will move on to the next offer. At this point, the first person to complete the transaction will get the product. This will continue until the product is sold.
6. There will be NO HOLDS.
7. If a problem arises during checkout we will work with you until the issue is fixed and extend the time as needed. We want to be fair to everyone. Any issue should be resolved rather quickly, but if the customer is non-responsive to our instructions we will proceed as outlined in steps 4-5.
8. The timeline for a response to your offer will vary. It could take as little as a minute and as late as 48 hours.
9. Failure to complete transactions will hurt your chances of getting an offer accepted in the future.
10. By participating in the program you automatically consent to all rules/guidelines outlined above.
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