Friday, April 12, 2013

Style Your Kicks: A Weekly Guide on How to Properly Style Your Kicks

As promised, every Friday we will be hitting you with an exclusive blog on how to style your kicks. For this week's blog we're trying to get rid of the heavy sweaters, coats, blazers, etc. we've all been wearing to keep warm this winter season. It's finally about that time to ease in to tank tops and short sleeves but, since its not summer yet we won't push you into shorts right away. Lets start by taking a look at my choice for the ladies.
As a woman that loves to pop on my favorite pair of sneakers, I love to add a nice girly touch to any outfit I wear when I rock my kicks. I started the outfit by picking the Air Jordan 7 GS "Fireberry" that released last August. The shoe has girly undertones all over it with hints of pink and purple. To play off the subtle undertones I paired it with a floral print high waisted capri, semi bad girl crop top, triangle metallic earrings, and a black metallic watch. Take a look at the image below and head to Karmaloop to purchase any items below. Also, use rep code FTK to save an extra 20% off your first purchase and 10% thereafter.
Now we'll take a look at how the fellas can make their journey into spring. Spring is all about bright eye catching colors in the sneaker world, and this season brands are dropping a lot of multi-color heat. But, since its only the first week of spring you may not be ready for all that. To start off the look for the men I began with the Playcloths x Saucony Shadow 5000 in a silver colorway. It used to be that silver and gold never interacted in an outfit, but now there are more subtle ways to mix and match the two like this turntable watch. Take a look at the outfit below and be sure to head over to Karmaloop to make all purchases. Use Rep Code FTK to save an extra 20% off your first purchase and 10% thereafter.
Thank you for reading this week's edition of style your kicks just remember that all looks are my personal opinion and there are many ways to style your kicks and show your personality. Stay tuned for next week's edition and keep it locked to FollowTheKicks for more sneaker news and updates.