Friday, July 05, 2013

Style Your Kicks: A Weekly Guide on How to Properly Style Your Kicks

Welcome back to another edition of Style Your Kicks this week we're styling a shoe that released last week for the gentlemen, and how to style a classic colorway for the ladies. So let's jump right into things and take a look at the outfit for the men. I chose the Nike Vis Zoom Hyperflight "Hologram" because often times when people see overly colorful shoes they feel like they have to dress like a rainbow to match them. I actually love shoes with multiple colors because it gives you so many options for styling them. I really wanted guys to step out of their comfort zone and take a look at pants that feature prints. These giraffe printed pants are perfect for all that's happening in the shoe. Then I topped it off with a sexy tee and a shoe that bring out the brighter color within the shoe. Take a look at the outfit below and use it to inspire your own outfit for this sneaker.
For the ladies I chose to address the Air Jordan 11 "Bred" because I see a lot of people struggling to style a shoe this classic. With a shoe that has less colors to bounce off of it becomes a little more difficult, but you have to add your own style twist to is. Now, two trends I see a lot of when it comes to urban fashion/streetwear are crop tops and camo print, so I decided to use the two together and add a girly twist. The slouch crotch pants still give you moveability while the higher waist and synched ankles make it sexier than your average camo pants without trying too hard. Also, what sexier than showing a little midriff to accentuate your curves. Oh and I love red lipstick and decided to pair the lipstick with a red bag to make you really stand out in a crowd. Check out the outfit below and let it inspire your style. Be sure to keep it locked to FollowTheKicks for next week's edition of "Style Your Kicks" and feel free to email us with shoes you want to see featured at