Friday, July 19, 2013

Style Your Kicks: A Weekly Guide on How To Properly Style Your Kicks

It's that wonderful time of week again where unless you work weekends, when the clock says its time to go you are out the door to enjoy your weekend. So, since this week Reebok announced that three new Question colorways will be releasing including a GS model, we chose to do a special Reebok Question edition of "Style Your Kicks". Lets start things off with the ladies outfit today.
Now, unless you've been hiding under a rock or completely ignoring everything I say you know that not only is black one of my favorite colors, but black leather is one of this summers hottest and sexiest trends. So for this week I chose the Reebok Question GS Black/Purple-Emerald "Snake" and paired it with a peplum leather top. The major mistake that a lot of people make is wearing a crop top with extremely short shorts and that okay for places like the beach, but not for day to day activities like running errands. I also added some mint nail polish to bring out the mint accents on the sneaker and laces shorts. Take a look at this week's outfit and use it to inspire your own style.
Now, jumping over to the men's outfit I chose the Reebok Question "Year of the Snake" for this week's shoe. One of the things I like to do when looking for items to add into an outfit is to look for the smallest amount of color in the shoe, and illuminate it by making it the main focus in your outfit and that's exactly what I did this week. Also, I really like the faded brownish/ khaki jeans to bring out the copper details on the shoes. Take a look at the outfit below and keep it locked for next week's edition of "Style Your Kicks".


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